UruBrass International Festival & San Ramon Youth Band


International Brass Festival

Urubrass is the first international Brass Festival in Uruguay. Was founded in 2014 for three brass students: German Crovetto, Diana Earlatz and Ricardo Arbiza in order to create opportunities to all the brass community in Uruguay.


Due to the success in its first edition, in 2015, Urubrass has been co-organized with the "Vicente Ascone" Montevideo school of music .


Urubrass is the unique festival in Latin American with free costs for students and free admission concerts for public.

In 2018, it has celebrated the fifth edition and in all its editions have received proffesors from: Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, United State and Spain. 

UruBrass has the goal to reach to all over the country, so every year we choose one location at the countryside and we offer the possibility to have a full day masterclass with some of the faculty of the festival. 

For more information, please visit www.ubrass.com.uy or click here: 

Youth Band of San Ramon

Canelones Departament

The Youth Band of San Ramon (BJSR) is a concert band formed for children of about 5 to 17 years old and it is located in about 52 miles away from Montevideo.

Its formation was created by a group of parents who was looking for the musical develop of their children.

BJSR has available the following classes: Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion and Musical Theory. 

Our goal is to offer the opportunity to children of the countryside to learn values like  respect, hard work, responsability and companionship through music. 

We introduce music as a funny activity but also we understand the relevance of their musical education . In this regards, we have organized several masterclass with international professors from United State and Brazil. 

As their musical conductor and brass teacher, I have arranged different styles of music with different levels of difficulty in order to improve constantly their musical skills and do not lose sigh of the fun side of making music.

We have had different programs like Michael Jackson Tribute, a journey through South America, among others.

Please visit us on Facebook and our YouTube channel:

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