Musican: Trombone Player & Composer 

Uruguayan trombonist, composer, and musical conductor, Ricardo Arbiza, began his music studies at the age of 12 at his childhood hometown in Fray Bentos, Uruguay. Awarded with the 2018 Fulbright Scholarship and the 2019 Organization of the American States (OAS) Post Graduate Scholarship Mr. Arbiza is having an intense activity in the city of New York and surrounding areas.


As a composer, he studied with Dr. Osvaldo Budon and Luis Jure at the Escuela Universitaria de Musica in Uruguay, where he received his Bachelor's Degree in Music with a major in music composition. His wide interest in music has made him work into conventional and also experimental music. Some of his works were awarded in Argentina: "Aires Rioplatenses" (bass trombone and bandoneón) and "El Maizal" (for trombone choir). In the experimental area, he has been working with cassette tapes, magnetic fields, vinyl records, and different computerized synthesis techniques.


 As a performer, he has covered a huge variety of styles and ensembles such as the Symphonic Band of Montevideo, the National Symphony Orchestra of Uruguay (OSSODRE), the Philharmonic of Montevideo, the National Youth Orchestra of Sodre, the Iberoamerican Symphony Orchestra, the Band of the Canelones’ Government, the Military Band of Uruguay’s National Army, Ubrass Ensemble, Audem Big Band, Jazz a la Calle Big Band, Montevideo Big Band, Tito Nieves Salsa Band, Aymee Nuviola Salsa Band, Mala Tuya, among others. Some of his main former teachers were Jose Milton Vieira (Brazil), Pablo Fenoglio (Argentina), and Artigas Leal (Uruguay).


Since 2018, he was enrolled in the orchestral conductor degree program at the University School of Music in Uruguay with Martin Garcia as a professor. He participated in masterclasses with Lior Shambadal (Musical Conductor of the Symphonic of Berlin), Yuri Hung (Venezuela), and Martin Jorge (Musical Conductor of Symphonic Band of Montevideo). Into this field, he has conducted the Symphonic Band of Montevideo, the Band of the Canelones’ Government, and the Youth Band of San Ramon.

In the international scene, he has participated in festivals such as Trombonanza (Argentina), Isla Verde (Argentina), SESC (Brazil), and Peru Low Brass, where he studied with an internationally renowned faculty staff as Christian Lindberg, Zoltan Kiss, Massimo Larosa, Conrad Herwig, Peter Eleffson among others. With the idea to replicate the festival experience in his home country, he co-founded “UruBrass”, the first International Brass Festival, which has become the most important Brass Festival in Uruguay, unique with free admission to classes and concerts in Latin America.


Currently, he is taking classes with George Curran (Bass Trombone of the New York Philharmonic) and Nicholas Schwartz (NY City Ballet) at The New School, Mannes School of Music in New York, where is pursuing his Master Degree in Orchestral Instruments. He is also a member of the United Nations (UN) Symphony Orchestra and is currently working as a student assistant specialist project in the College of Performing Arts (COPA) at The New School.

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