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SlidePhone is a virtual instrument inspired by the Trombone. It uses FM synth that is controlled by the Tilt phone values.

The instrument has 3 reverb levels, 2 modes (oscillator and a phasor), and a pitch graph that recreates the trombone slide and its overtones disposition.

1- Go to your Andriod or iOS app store and download the free app MobMuPlat

2-Download the instrument, you can choose between zipped files and unzipped ones. Move both 2 files into the MobMuPlat folder on your phone.

3-Go to the MobMuPlat Tab and open the File called MMPSlidephone.mmp

4-Move the reverb switch to activate the instrument and while pressing play, move your finger over the graph. Use your mouth as a resonance box and move the phone to get different results. 

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