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"Smute", is the first model of a serie of smart and interactive mutes for brass players. 

Besides its original functionality, when a smartphone is mounted on the mute, and after downloading the app and files, Smute adds a new palette of colors, such as (and not limited to): audio effects in real time (delay, reverb), loop function forward and backward depending on the XY Phone Axis position, sound reactive sequencer, and connectivity through OSC (over wifi) to any computer.

Smute includes an NFC tag, right on top (black sticker), to download the patch directly to your phone and also includes a small speaker, that can be connected from your phone to the inner part of the Smute. Just place your phone next to it, on iOS, the NFC sensor is next to the camera.

Smute is open source, so you can build your mode on MobMuplat using PD.

I'm working on developing a browser version to improve the overall user experience. 
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